Is rage all the rage? "Anger rooms" create a whole new category of insurance.

So, you say you have anger management issues and no proper place to vent? Well, there’s an outfit that might be able to help you out — and has the insurance to cover it.

The Anger Room, a 1,000-square-foot space in downtown Dallas, charges patrons $25 for five minutes to gleefully smash cups, vases, printers, clocks and similar items just begging for a sound thrashing.

Donna Alexander, who founded the fury-freeing enterprise, said that one of her early problems was obtaining insurance for the spanking-new concept.  Ms. Alexander told the New York Times that her insurer “literally had to create a category for my business.”

She has to carry about $2 million in liability insurance, according to the report.

The facility, which operates under the motto “Nothing You Expect, But Everything You Deserve,” charges $45 for a 15-minute lash out, and $75 for a 25-minute demolition, according to its website. Prices climb to about $500 for custom room setups. The most expensive setup so far has been an ersatz retail store with racks of clothing.

Ms. Alexander said Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton mannequins were a big hit — literally — with clients prior to the presidential election. Three Mr. Trump dummies were destroyed compared with two for Ms. Clinton.

And now rage appears to be all the rage, as Ms. Alexander is drafting a licensing agreement for franchisees.

It remains to be seen how creative her insurer wants to get for that level of exposure.

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